The Passing of an Icon

The world mourns the loss of an iconic visionary.  Steve Jobs truly changed the world as we all know it ~ and has personally touched us all in one way or another.





The internet, twitter, facebook, the world is teeming with articles, links, footage and information about Steve Jobs.   Personally, although I did not know this man, I am struggling with the feelings of loss, as though he was a close friend.  As I search for a reason behind these emotions, that quite honestly have taken me by surprise, I have come to the conclusion that it is because he put so much of himself into his products.  He made products so personal, so easy to use, that have become so integral to our lives, that I can’t help but feel like I knew the man himself.

I came across the following article while reading the many tributes to this incredible man online and wanted to share it with you all. What if Steve Jobs Had Chosen Politics Instead of Tech?


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